Our Supplier

Melior Padel only work with high quality components, that are carefully sources from meticulous manufacturers. That is why we are delighted to work exclusively with Jubo Padel.

Jubo Padel have over 20 years of experience building padel courts. This highly successful Spanish company has built over 1000 courts in Spain and around Europe and currently have a large presence in Sweden.

Jubo Padel manufacture the courts in their own factory, transport them using their long trusted logistics partner and install courts to the highest specification, exactly inline with their manufacturing processes. Their knowledge of the padel market is not limited to court manufacturing and this means they are able to comprehensively advise on all aspects of padel, whether it be equipment supply, networking or event support.


Their excellent customer service, readiness to help and competence is why Melior Padel selected Jubo as our court supplier because this is exactly what Melior Padel stand for too.


Simply the best.

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